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Our pursuit for industry excellence in Hudson Remodeling Contractors comes from our commitment to give our community at Yonkers NY and the surrounding Westchester county the professional and expert service they deserve. Before we came along, many members of our community became victims of inept, fly-by-night contractors who made off with their hard-earned money at left behind shoddy and dangerous work.

With our expert professional engineers and craftsmen on the job, we at Hudson Remodeling can give you the following guarantees:

  • Fully licensed, accredited, and insured for any construction project
  • Full-scale, comprehensive, and competent construction management
  • High quality work in both interior and exterior home and property improvement projects
  • Consistent excellence in customer service and satisfaction
  • Free on-site inspection, consultation, and estimate

We make it a point to provide constant upgrade training for all our team members. Our project managers, installers, roofers, masons, technicians, and artisans all receive regular skill improvement training to keep them in the forefront in terms of skill and expertise. Hand in hand with their training is the top of the line equipment we have at our disposal, making us more efficient and effective at whatever home and building project you may have for us.

Since our founding in 2015 Hudson Remodeling Contractors has become the fastest-growing home and property improvement company out of Yonkers NJ. In the short time that we’ve been in the business, we have quickly earned a reputation from our clients as a professional contractor whose services are unmatched in excellence.

As general contractors, we our team of craftsmen, project overseers, and engineers are experts in various types of home improvement projects, both interior and exterior. They are also equipped with the best equipment that allows us to work better and faster with whatever job you may have for us. From your home’s roof down to the floor, we know how to do it; and do it well.

If you’re considering setting up your home’s floor and bathrooms with tiles, why not try us at Hudson Remodeling?

Why Tile?

There are basically three categories of tiles: ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Their differences mainly stem from how they are made. Ceramic tiles are produced by heating clay, much as you would in making pottery. This makes them easy to mass produce, and are therefore cheaper.

Porcelain is similar to ceramic, but is fired at higher temperatures using finer-grained clay. Compared to ceramic, porcelain tiles are denser, more durable, and less prone to staining. However, this makes them more difficult to handle and install, since you’ll need a professional using specialized tools to cut and adjust the tiles to size.

Natural stone tiles are made from various types of quarried rocks: slate, marble, granite, etc. Their variety also presents different characteristics unique to each type. This in turn makes the different stone tiles ideal to various conditions and jobs.

There are many incentives to having tiles as features in your home which makes them worthy of consideration


Since they come in various makes, shapes, and colors, you can usually find a tile best suited for whatever you have in mind. If you want in as part of your exterior, such as pathways, you may opt for varieties that stand well against the elements such as slate and granite. For your interior floors, marble can be an elegant option. For your kitchen and bathrooms with a lot of water and moisture, you’ll want tiles that are easy to clean such as porcelain.


If properly installed, tiles can last a long time. However, if there are bubbles in the mortar underneath them as they were installed, these gaps will become weak points which can lead to the tiles cracking or breaking off.

Easy to Maintain

The generally smooth surface of tiles makes them easy to clean, which will be less trouble when it comes to housework. At most, reapplying sealant every 5 years or so to keep the tiles in place will be the extent of maintaining a properly installed tile.

Cost Effective

Aside from being one of the lowest-priced flooring materials in the market, the fact that tiles can last so long makes them a great investment for your home with a lot of returns. 

Water Resistant

The reason why tiles are the material of choice in bathrooms and other places exposed to water is that most tiles hold well against water in varying degrees, depending on their material and surface texture. In any case, they are also resistant to stains.

Environmentally friendly

Being made from sand, clay, and natural stone, tiles require less energy to make compared to other construction materials. Most ceramic tiles in the market are also made from recycled materials.

Energy Saving

Ever notice tile floors being cold to the touch? Being great insulators, tiles can help regulate your home’s temperature. This translates into less heating bills for you, in turn saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Increases Market Value

Having tile floors can greatly raise your home’s appraisal, making it a great return of investment. The added beauty tile floors give makes your home more attractive to buyers and also raises your house’ price.

All of these benefits can only be had if your tiles were installed correctly. That’s why its important to have professional tilers and workers like us at Hudson Remodeling to do the job, so that your tiles can be set up right the first time and look good at the same time. 

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