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SBS Modified Bitumen (Cold Applied)

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Part of the myriad of services we offer is setting up and maintaining your home and business’ SBS modified bitumen roof.

SBS or styrene butadiene styrene is a type of modified bitumen, also called asphalt, roofing membrane. 

Modified Bitumen Roofing Advantages

We at Hudson Remodeling Contractors basically offer two types of modified bitumen roofing solutions: SBS and APP. As modified bitumen roofs, both share some advantages which makes them ideal choices in certain situations.


Because they come in large sheets, a good roofing crew can arrange the bitumen panels in such a way that there are as few seams or gaps between the sheets as possible. This minimizes the chance for water to seep in and get into the roof’s underlying structure and cause rot and mold and fungal growth. The sheets themselves are also impermeable to water: a properly installed bitumen roof can 


Modified bitumen roofs are remarkably resilient. Their asphalt composition makes them highly resistant to fire. They also hold well against punctures. If installed correctly, modified bitumen roofs won’t be blown away by strong winds and storms. 

Cold Resistance

Aside from being relatively fireproof, modified bitumen roofs hold well against extreme temperatures at both ends. Since they are designed to be flexible; modified bitumen roofs still retain their shape even as they shrink in cold weather and stretch during hot days. More importantly, modified bitumen won’t become brittle in low temperatures, which means they won’t crack in the cold.

Energy Saving

Modified bitumen are great insulators: keeping the outside heat and ultraviolet rays out during the sunny weather and preventing indoor heat from escaping during cold days. Since they help in regulating temperature, you can rack up on savings from your heating utility bill.

SBS Roofing Advantages

Being a modified bitumen roof, you’ll already enjoy the perks mentioned when you have an SBS roof. Aside from that, however, SBS as a roofing solution stacks up the game with its own set of unique features and advantages

Health and Safety

Unlike other modified bitumen roofs which require being heated into place, usually with a blowtorch, SBS can be installed with cold adhesive: meaning they don’t require an open flame or high temperatures. This minimizes the risks of accidents both for the roofers and building residents. 

More importantly, there won’t be any danger of toxic fumes being released when installing and having an SBS roof. Because of this, SBS is the preferred roofing material for buildings where health is a priority: such as schools and hospitals.

Low Maintenance

SBS doesn’t require as much technical knowledge and skill to be properly maintained. As opposed to other modified bitumen roofs, a handyman or DIYer can keep your SBS roof in top shape in most situations.

Get an Expert to Do the Job

Great as SBS roofs can be, they can only perform at their peak if they are installed and maintained properly. Its features and characteristics also make them ideal for certain types of buildings. Less reputable and unskilled roofing contractors may try to convince you with their services just to make a quick buck off you; but we at Hudson Remodeling Contractors actually care for your, our client. With us, you can trust that the advice we give you is aimed at giving you the best out of your investment and the satisfaction you and your family deserves.

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