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Rubber Roofing (EPDM)

A Great Choice for Your Home or Business -Rubber Roofing

Whether you’re constructing a new building to expand your business, or even a new home, a roofing company will provide you lot of great options available when it comes to your roof.  If you’re considering installing a low slope roof, one of your best options is rubber roofing, for a number of reasons.  Here are just a few:

 Rubber Roofing Yonkers NY

The Advantages

One of the main problems seen with low sloped roofs is water drainage.  Unlike roofs that are pitched, these roofs don’t allow water to drain naturally away as easily.  A few different aspects of your roofing system is needed.  First, the roof needs to create a watertight seal, and second, the roofing system needs to provide a way for the water to drain away.  Rubber roofing tackles both these needs easily.

Another great advantage to rubber roofing is that it is extremely resistant to fire, water, and thermal shock.  The likelihood of it cracking due to frost heaving, or baking in the hot sun is pretty much non-existent.  If you’re looking to keep your impact on the environment low, rubber roofing material is often made from recycled materials, and can help regulate your energy use over the year with it’s insulated capabilities.

Rubber roofs are also extremely durable and need very little maintenance to keep their appearance and viability.  If you do find a crack or leak after the roofing system is properly installed, a simple coat of latex sealant is often all you need to get the job fixed in no time.


The Drawbacks

While it may seem like rubber roofs are the best option in all cases, there are some disadvantages to this type of roofing as well.  While it is a great against weather and temperature changes, rubber roofing can be quite easy to tear and rip.  If you’re planning on having roof top HVAC units, or RTUs on your building, this is certainly something to keep in mind. Also, when you or a contractor goes up on the roof to service equipment or inspect the roof, it’s important that they wear proper shoes that won’t puncture the materials.  In most cases, normal shoes are fine, with the exception of high heels or cleats.

Another disadvantage of rubber roofing systems is that they require that pipes and vents be placed through the rubber to be effective.  This creates an area that can be vulnerable to tears and cracks, which can lead to leaks and water infiltrations.  Thankfully, routine inspections and proper sealing around these areas can go a long way to prevent potential problems.

Another problems that we often see associated with rubber roofs is the fact that they can shrink over time.  Essentially as the rubber roof is exposed to the elements, the rubber material can shrink or expand depending on the temperature changes.  This sometimes can lead to tears, especially along the seams.  This is why routine inspections of rubber roofs are so important.


Not Just For Commercial Buildings

 Rubber Roofing Yonkers NY

Actually the truth is much different.  Any structure, whether it is business or residential related can potentially benefit from having a rubber roof.  The criteria is the slope of the roof itself.  Simply put, the higher the pitch or slope of the roof, the less likely rubber material will be a cost effective choice.  Roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, slate, or tile use less material overall to cover and protect the same area.  While rubber roofing is sometimes used as an added layer of protection in some moderate to high pitched roofs, it usually isn’t the most economical option.

However, if your home was built with a low slope roof, or one that slopes gently to let water drain away, rubber roofing is a fantastic option, just like it is for the larger commercial buildings you normally see.  In addition, many rubber roofing manufacturers today are designing their products to be more user friendly for the homeowner.  Some provide the rubber roofing in smaller strips to more resemble tile roofing overall.  Plus, with a simple coat of acrylic paint, a rubber roof can be made to look like just about anything.  And here’s another great thing: acrylic paint, if properly applied can extend the life of the rubber roof more by protecting it from the elements.

A Great Choice for Rubber Roofing – Hudson Contractor

If you’re considering a rubber roof, call Hudson Contractors today.  We’d be happy to discuss your project with you anytime. Rubber roofing is one of our specialties from our general interior & exterior contracting services. We have managed to provide homeowners and business owners of Westchester County the best property improvement and remodeling services, including unrivaled services on stone worksidingflooringpainting serviceswindows replacements as well as bathroom remodeling projects on your property. So if a new roof is in your future, give us a call today!