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Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing – Not Just for Accents Anymore

When it comes to roofing for either your home or business in  New York, one of the more popular options available is metal roofing.  While it may be a bit more expensive in the beginning, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider this wonderful roofing option from your reliable metal roofing contractor in Yonkers NY.


A Great Choice for Your Commercial Building

Generally speaking, metal roofs are a fantastic choice if you’re in it for the long haul.  Metal roofs are known far and wide for their longevity and durability against the elements, even the harsh New York Winters.  For example, the copper roof of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Hildesheim, Germany was installed in 1280 AD and is still going strong.Image of Metal Roofing Hudson Contractor NY

Another advantage to a metal roof on a commercial building is that is fairly easy to clean and maintain.  Often cleaning a metal roof is as simple as scrubbing the dirty area with a solution of soap and water, and rinsing it away.  In addition, if your metal roof needs repair, there are quite a few inexpensive options on the market such as specifically designed paint, coatings or small metal plates to extend the life of your roof.

Another great advantage of metal roofs, especially for a business is the fact that a metal roof can help regulate the temperature of your building, which can help keep your overall energy costs low.  Also, metal roofs are often impervious to rain and snow, so the chance of moisture getting into the building is minimal.

Of course, there are some reasons to not use a metal roof as well.  For most, the biggest drawback of a metal roof is the initial cost of installation.  It can be a bit expensive compared to other options.  However, considering the durability of the material, you often make up the difference and get your investment back over the long haul.  Another disadvantage for some businesses is that a metal roof can technically conduct noise and electricity.  If your business is sensitive to either one of these, a metal roof may not be the best option.


A Great Option for Residential Homes As Well

For many years, at least during modern times, metal roofs were seen as the privilege of the few and wealthy.  Or, barring that, metal was used primarily as an accent piece for other roofing types.  However, today, residential homes can enjoy many of the same benefits of metal roofing that commercial buildings do.

Not only are metal roofs available today in countless styles and colors with panels that are designed to give a more traditional look, the durability of the available options are just as good as you would expect.  But there are some additional benefits as well.

First, metal roofs are surprisingly lightweight compared to other options.  When looking at a roofing square that equals 100 square feet, metal roof weighs between 50 and 150 pounds.  Tile can weigh 750 pounds, and stone can weigh about 900 pounds per square.  Depending on your home and underlying roof structure, metal roofing may be a great option for lightweight protection.  Metal roofing is also fairly easy to install, and can be installed in less time than other available options.  A professional contractor, such as the ones we have on the team at Hudson Contractors can install a metal roof in a relatively short amount of time depending on the complexity of the roof.

Of course, there are some drawbacks for using metal in the roofing system of a home as well.  The first is that depending on the size of the metal shingles, modifications or repairs can be somewhat difficult to do.  It’s also important to make sure that the underlying roofing structure can accommodate the expansion and contraction of the metal roof as the temperature changes.

Finally, another disadvantage of metal roofs is a potential safety concern that needs to be addressed.  While metal roofs offer superior protection from fire outside the home, when a fire starts inside a home a metal roof can become a potential problem.  In some cases, firefighters need to cut through a roof to extinguish a fire – something that is more difficult with a metal roof.

We Are What You Need For Your Home or Business

Overall, though, the advantages of a metal roof for either your home or office significantly outweigh the drawbacks.  If you’re considering replacing your roof in the near future, we certainly invite you to give us a call to discuss all your options, including  metal roofing.

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