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Brick Pointing

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Got a brick wall in your home? Hudson Contractors can help you make it good as new!

Brick is one of the oldest and most popular construction products in the world. Its availability, durability, and ease of installation makes it a material of choice for many buildings and homes. Most importantly, brick has a unique and classic look that any homeowner would love to have for their home.

Seeing the Symptoms of a Sick Wall

However, over time, your brick wall will need maintenance and repair. Exposure to the elements, scratches, and other forms of damage need to be addressed before they turn into more serious problems.

If you see one or two of these symptoms in your brick wall, you may have to consider having it fixed, preferably by a professional contractor.

Dirty Wall

While a dirty wall may not immediately mean you need to have your wall fixed, you’ll have to think about how you clean it. Using high pressure water can chink the brick and mortar. Washing with chemicals can also weaken and stain the wall. Finally, using too much elbow grease can remove the brick’s fired surface and compromise its integrity and strength.


Water on the surface of your brick wall may either come from underneath its supporting structure, indicating that the wood or plaster has started to rot. Conversely, it can also mean that water has started to seep down from the upper portions of your home into the foundations.


Efflorescence happens when the minerals in the brick start to leach out into the surface. This isn’t necessarily bad in itself, however, if this is caused by shoddy brickwork, then you may have to have your wall redone.

Damaged Bricks

If your bricks are damaged, the risk of water and getting in and weakening the wall’s integrity increases. Even in and of itself, damaged and worn out bricks weaken the wall and may cause it to lean or, worse, collapse.

Damaged Pointing

Pointing refers to the mortar which binds the bricks to each other. If your pointing has a lot of cracks, this likely means that your wall has weakened and may need replacing.

Getting Your Wall Repointed

In the case of damaged pointing, we at Hudson Remodeling can help you reapply a fresh layer of mortar on your brick wall. Our team of masons and bricklayers are experienced in all types of brickwork, and can help you find effective and affordable solutions with whatever brick-related problem you may have with your home or building.

While you may opt to simply remove your old and worn brick wall with something new and fresh, there are several advantages which can convince you to have it repaired and repointed instead.


Compared to having to take down and build a new wall entirely, having your brick wall repointed can save you thousands of dollars in material and labor. Also, other underlying problems with your wall can be taken care of while in the process of repointing your brick wall. Time is also a consideration: having an entire wall replaced takes considerably longer then just repointing and reinforcing your brick wall, which will usually take between half a day to two, depending on the extent of the work.

Increasing Market Value

A good-looking brick wall is a good indication of a home’s structural strength and integrity. The cost of repointing your brick wall will become a sound investment because it will also increase your home’s curb appeal and raise its price when in the real estate market.

Preserving History

In the case of old homes and buildings, their brick walls are testament to their heritage. This by itself can raise your home’s market value. More importantly, it connects you and your family to your home’s history and tradition.

Hudson Remodeling has all the tools and expertise to help you with your brick repointing, brick walls, and all of your home and building improvement and renovation needs. Our team of professional masons and bricklayers are dedicated to giving you high quality service and customer satisfaction in all our construction jobs and solutions.

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