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APP Modified Bitumen (Torch Down)

Meet Your APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Installation and Repair Contractor in Yonkers, NY

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This tradition of excellence comes from our company’s response to our community’s need for a dependable, legitimate, and professional general service contractor. Before we came, there were several reports of shoddy, substandard work done by fly-by-night contractors out for a quick buck. We, however, make it a point of give our clients what they need, even going out of our way to bring them the best possible service.

Staffed by expert professional engineers and craftsmen in the construction industry, we at Hudson Contractor can give you guarantees that other contractors simply just can’t.

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These standards and promises apply to all of the many services we offer, including installing your home and business with our high-quality APP modified bitumen roofing solution.

APP, which stands for atatic polypropelene, is a type of modified bitumen (also called asphalt). As a roofing material, APP modified bitumen roofs usually come in large sheets and panels. This makes them an ideal option for roofing projects involving homes and buildings with either a flat or low slope roof.

Modified Bitumen Roofing Advantages

We at Hudson Contractor basically offer two types of modified bitumen roofing solutions: SBS and APP. As modified bitumen roofs, both share some advantages which makes them ideal choices in certain situations.


Modified bitumen roofs are remarkably resilient. Their asphalt composition makes them highly resistant to fire. They also hold well against punctures. If installed correctly, modified bitumen roofs won’t be blown away by strong winds and storms. 

Cold Resistant

Aside from being relatively fireproof, modified bitumen roofs can withstand damage from extreme temperatures at both ends. because they are flexible; modified bitumen roofs still hold their shape even as they shrink in cold weather and expand during hot days. More importantly, modified bitumen won’t become brittle in low temperatures, which means they won’t crack in the cold.

Energy Saving

Modified bitumen are great insulators: keeping the outside heat and ultraviolet rays out during the sunny weather and preventing indoor heat from escaping during cold days. Since they help in regulating temperature, you can rack up on savings from your heating utility bill.

APP Modified Bitumen Features

In and by itself, APP modified bitumen roofs have several characteristics that give even more benefits on top of the advantages that modified bitumen brings to your home and building. Most of these usually come from how APP roofs are installed.

APP modified bitumen roof installations usually start by laying out the APP sheets on the roof or deck. They are then set into place by basically melting them down into their semi-liquid form using a blowtorch; then using a modified mop to even them out. Before they set, mineral grains are sprinkled over them to give them texture and traction.

More Water Resistance

As the APP panels are melted during installation, they meld together to form one single, homogenous layer over your roof. Effectively, properly installed APP roofs form a shrink wrap on top of your home. While other modified bitumen roofs have seams, APP roofs have none at all: making them totally impervious to water.

Low Cost

Modified bitumen roofs are already some of the most affordable roofing materials in the market. APP is one of the least expensive among the different types of modified bitumen roofs. This is why its such a popular choice for home and business owners on a budget.

Performance History

APP modified bitumen roofs have been in use for more than half a decade and has been proven itself to last as long as 20 years if correctly installed.

Trust only on the Professional

A drawback of having an APP roof is that it requires specialist roofers using specialized tools to be installed properly. Also, keeping your APP roof in top shape won’t likely be something that your resident handyman can do. This is why you’ll need professional roofing contractors like us at Hudson Remodeling Contractors to get the job done right the first time and every time. 

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